Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lemon Pie "Delicious"

Finally, I made a recipe from the box that someone actually remembered Mom making before.    Mom would be what I called my grandmother  not to be confused with my Mom.  I don't know why but it was never confusing as to who I was referring to when I said it to me or to Mom and Mom.  So this recipe is for lemon pie though the recipe for the pie crust and for the meringue was not actually included on the card so I had to do those on my own.

The lemon custard was very sweet and did not set up like my grandmothers did.   I would probably adjust the recipe if I made it again.   My mother (Mom) did though confirm that the taste was the same.    It was very lemony and had good color to the lemon custard.    

I generally do not lean towards making pie because pie crust can be so "flaky" to make and not always flaky to taste.   But this time it worked out well and I remembered to roll it between two pieces of wax paper.  I often forget to do this and it makes it so much easier that I don't know why I don't remember to do it all the time.   I think I expect every time that I will channel my inner french pastry chef and voila it will just roll it out perfectly with nothing other than my french pin and little flour.     

Make sure to note the added "delicious" comment from my Mom (Grandma)  
"It was pretty good if I don't say so myself"

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