Sunday, October 12, 2014

Memories of Barbecue Sauce

This is the barbecue sauce that we had at many family picnics on Corliss Ave.    I have a distinct memory of this sauce. but I don't know if it is a mish mash of several memories or if it is memory of one specific time.     The charcoal grill was set up in the driveway of 190 Corliss and the chicken pieces that had been marinating in the sauce were ready to go on the grill.    When the coals began to glow,  Papa (in a pair of cutoff jean shorts), put the pieces on the gill and they sizzled and smoked.     He then cooked, turned and mopped the pieces with more sauce until they were just the right amount of char and still juicy.   And I am thinking he did this with a beer in one hand.   I made this sauce and cooked some chicken a few weeks ago, but something was just missing.     

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