Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Honey Drops

It has been a little hot for baking lately so there has been a little hiatus in trying recipes from the box.     I got some great honey from the farmers market a couple of weeks ago and had been wondering what I was going to use it in.    Then I saw this recipe in the box for Honey Drops.   


I don't recall having these before, but the recipe looks well used so 
they must have been made a time or two.   

     The recipe makes a nice dough that is easy to roll into balls for baking.

Though I was not sure that this was the prescribed method since this like many of the recipes listed only ingredients and no directions.   

But they baked up just right.  You have to make the balls on the smaller side since you are putting them together in sandwich fashion.   I suppose you could make a giant sandwich cookie, but I prefer the smaller size. 

Since I do not like apricot preserves and since it was 4th of July, I substituted red raspberry and then also made a cream cheese icing colored blue.     These are an easy cookie to make and the honey and brown sugar give them a little different taste than a traditional sugar cookie.  

Happy 4th of July !!

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